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Twenty-four blog entries written in airports, hostels and trains and over three thousand photos taken all over Europe later and our big adventure was over. To sum it all up, we have but a few pearls of wisdom to share with the traveling world.

50 things we have learned:

1. Don’t go to Marseilles.
2. You will get lost, every day.
3. You will spend more than your budget.
4. You will resort to washing your underwear in the sink.
5. You will never get used to snoring.
6. The locals will know you are a tourist.
7. You will repeat your itinerary to everyone you meet.
8. You will wear your socks more than once.
9. Your friends will hate you.
10. Don’t trust Google maps.
11. You will go to a museum just for the gift shop.
12. A working hot shower is a luxury.
13. Locals are better guides than maps.
14. You will drink too much.
15. Take a bag with wheels.
16. Travel towels are the devil.
17. Daily camera usage will make you care more about your appearance.
18. You will learn to love aeroplane food.
19. Drinking from the tap is living vicariously.
20. Supermarkets will become a dinner destination.
21. You will grow a food baby.
22. Never book a ferry.
23. You will be mocked for your accent.
24. Travel with someone with a good sense of direction.
25. Travel with someone who always has money on them.
26. A day spent doing nothing is just as good.
27. You will break your sunglasses, multiple times.
28. Travel and sickness come hand in hand.
29. Souvenirs take priority over a decent meal.
30. You will always convert back to your home currency.
31. You will lose things along the way.
32. Photos are proof you went.
33. The bigger the disaster, the better a story it makes.
34. Three hours of sightseeing is enough to leave you knackered.
35. You will meet people who have been to more places than you.
36. The bus will always be late.
37. You will wear through your shoes.
38. You will dread buying the necessities.
39. You will be mistaken for another nationality.
40. Current affairs will hold no place in your life.
41. Sending a postcard is an incredibly satisfying experience.
42. Clean is a relative term.
43. You will never find an ATM when you need one.
44. Tour guides are all-knowing.
45. Friends of a friend become your best friend if they have a couch.
46. You will hate your clothes after a month, but you will buy more.
47. Nothing happens on Facebook during the day.
48. You will laugh about it eventually.
49. Other people’s suggestions do not always work out.
50. The day you go home will come around faster than you can imagine.

Posted by Trailblazn 13:54

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